I’ve been love with Korean food since about day two of my drama addiction. Since then, my kitchen has been used every weekend to try the next new recipe… not to mention half of my pantry filled with foreign ingredients! Learning how to read Hangul was the best decision I ever made if only to be able to read the labels ūüôā

Here are the recipes I’ve tried so far and LOVED. Please keep in mind these are mostly made-from-scratch recipes and many of these things can be purchased at an Asian market. However, just like in America, these foods are so much tastier when homemade.

** note: adding recipes every day, but takes a while to format and type, please be patient **

1. Kimchi
2. Kimbap
3. Udon Noodles w/Broth
4. Classic Ramen
5. Red Bean Buns
6. Hangover Soup
7. Seaweed Soup
8. Spicy Rice Cakes
9. Black Bean Noodles
10. Kimchi Stew
11. Carp Bread

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