So you wanted to find out more about me? Well, I’m your typical bored American. I’ve just about given up on most American TV, I used to own a shop and work for a living as a dog groomer (after 20 years of IT work), but now I’ve branched out and am doing Subtitle editing for a living.  I have three grown children, nine dogs, six cats, and am slightly obsessed with the Korean culture. And by culture I mean B1A4, Lee Min Ho, Lee Seung Gi, Jo Jung Suk… oh I could so go on, but I won’t. Honestly, though, I really do love the culture. It’s so much more, well, just MORE than the American culture and I love it.

I’ve started Korean lessons, cook Korean dishes (as well as Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, American, etc), and love to share my obsession with friends. I even started writing a KDrama script that does NOT include all the traditional drama land issues… let’s see, that would include amnesia, cancer, car accidents that cause the amnesia, love triangles on every corner, the land of more doctors and fashion designers than blue collar workers, and the typical rich male jerk who needs to be loved by the poor nice girl. So, that’s only some of the drama land traditionals, but you get the point.

I’m sure I will also blog about daily life, lord knows my own is a soap opera, but I hope to learn how to use this online diary fairly well in the next year. Hope you enjoy reading!

View My Drama List to see all Asian dramas and movies I’ve seen as well as some of my reviews.  I haven’t kept this list as updated as I should, nor have I been active on my blog for the past year like I should be, but I’m working on that!

I’m also BANA Eomma and am the president of BANA International United.  This is where I spend most of my free time and, especially lately, it hasn’t allowed much free time for anything else.  But with 50+ active admins, I’m seriously trying to steal a bit more time to start blogging about dramas and Kpop again.  I really hope I can, I enjoy the freedom of writing a blog!

You can visit my other site at to see what BIU is all about.

26 thoughts on “About

  1. bella157 says:

    Just discovered your blog. Love it.
    I agree, I have mostly given up on American TV and have struggled to explain to people why I LOVE Korean TV and culture. There is just something so much MORE to it.
    Have you watched “The Man From Nowhere” or “Thieves”? Two great movies.
    right now, I am just in love with the drama “my love from the stars”
    And agree, Lee Min Ho is something: after seeing BOF I had to watch everything he was in.

    But Kim Woo Bin: that is one good looking charismatic guy. Watch him in School 2013 (probably one of my top 10 dramas)

    I watched the other Rain dramas and he is really a good actor; although “A love to kill” literally made me sad for days.

    And of course, Rain: my sister kept hounding me to watch Full House and I LOVED it; it is just a feel good drama (with a lot of the typical rich boy; poor girl); but it and Lie To ME (one of my favorites and my first K-drama) really remind me of Pride and Prejudice, or even the Painted Veil (my all time favorite movie): the characters grow and become much better people of each other.

    1. hjlyon says:

      Thanks so much for this comment! I ADORE Rain and think he’s become one hell of an actor. A Love to Kill was about my 15th drama, but quickly became one of my top 5 up until recently, it’s now about #7 LOL. That movie made me so sad, I couldn’t stand it. I had to go watch Full House again after it because … well you get it.

      Lie to Me was another drama I really enjoyed. I think it was the first kdrama I saw with real kissing scene other than Lee Min Ho’s City Hunter.

      Ok, we can’t even discuss Kim Woo Bin. I saw him and Lee Jong Suk in School 2013 and was astounded with both of them and the bromance. I can see why people thought they were dating. I fell in love with both of them. However, in Heirs, holy cow… I about died. He was seriously amazing and I couldn’t WAIT to see him on screen. He played opposite LMH and I kept watching KWB instead. Something is seriously messed up when that happens LOL. I mean, I’m 45 and LMH is on my computer desktop, my phone, and on my MP3 player… I’m a bit of a fangirl about him.

      As with the Stephen Colbert and Rain vids, yeah, I about died watching them again since I now know more about who Rain is. Back then I wasn’t into kdrama yet and just knew him from Ninja Assassin. I had NO CLUE. Now it just makes me laugh till my sides hurt. I also found an article where Colbert was asked about his feudship with Rain and he stated that he met rain before Ninja Assassin and was always impressed by him and has only become more so.

      I’m so looking forward to The Prince with him in it, I get to see it in the theaters here YAY!

  2. bella157 says:

    Hey, I’m so totally there with you. I did the same thing after watching “a love to kill” I was seriously sad for days and had to watch Full House also (LOL).

    I was the same about KWB and LMH; I mean LMH is a great actor; he is almost unrecognizable in his drama as the same guy; he’s that good. But with Heirs I could only watch KWB, he stole every scene he was in. I got a lot of negative feedback when I posted that he was a good guy; hiding under a bad/cruel veneer. Turns out I was right. Even the way he treated ES was more respectful than KT’s character. He was just crazy phenomenal.

    I think you might be my twin (or little sister) are you sure your name isn’t Bonnie, becky or Michelle??

    I felt the same about KWM and LSJ in School 2013; I just loved their friendship in the drama, but also the subtle way the other students cared about each other, and how they cared about kids who really had no one to care about them. Did you notice the secretary in YFAS (you from another star) was in School 2013. I’d recognize that face anywhere. Take a look.

    Me too, I’m looking forward to The Prince, but I also want to see Cold Eyes, The Berlin File, No breathing, and the face reader.

    If you haven’t checked out The Thieves do so. I really enjoyed it; the two leads from YFAS are in it. In fact, he convinced Ginna to take the role in YFAS. and that scene where she acts drunk; I seriously laugh every time I see it.

    And The Man From Nowhere; staring woo bin. OH, that guy was hot, hot hot, especially with long hair. I mean who doesn’t love a bad guy with a good heart and values.

    There is an Asian Festival (really S. Korean) festival in my city that is showing a S. Korean film every weekend; free. Cold Eyes, and The Berlin file were just there, unfortunately I was at work. But when Thieves comes, I’m making sure I can see it on the big screen.

    Nice to meet you.

    1. hjlyon says:

      OMG… I saw Face Reader and No Breathing… first, Face Reader, didn’t watch for anyone except Jo Jung Suk… seriously, love this guy an wish I lived in Korea so I could see him on stage in his theater performances. No Breathing… It’s named appropriately LOL, I couldn’t breathe through the whole movie. I kept fanning myself and feeling like a pervy noona because I’m WAY too old for these kids but DAYUM 😛

      Yeah, Berlin Files I want to see but haven’t DL’d it yet. Cold Eyes… I’ve heard it, think it’s on my PTW ;list but haven’t yet. Did you see KWB on Running Man with CJH and PSH from the Heirs cast? Oh, yeah, there’s another one (along with So Ji Sub, Jang Geun Suk, Kim Bum, and Kim Hyun Joong) that I could just eat with a spoon.. Choi Jin Hyuk. LOVE LOVE LOVE him.

      Well, no my name isn’t one of those, but I love it when I find someone with very similiar tastes as mine 🙂 I don’t know if you read all my Heir’s posts and reviews and my thoughts on the message in the drama, but I always thought KWB was really a good guy rough because of circumstances who used that to cope.

  3. Courtney says:

    Hi Heidi! I’m from the site and I wanted to chat, any way I can contact you? (I’m not that great at wordpress – I’m sorry if I missed any contact links!)

  4. kamidisinilagi says:

    Hi Heidi, I just discovered your blog, and reading the comments above I’m grinning like an idiot knowing I AM NORMAL!! I’m in Australia and yup, I’ve just about given up on Aussie and American tv shows. My first LMH show was Faith and omo…I can go on and on abt how I love that show but I think I don’t need to. And then of course I stalked all his other shows. I have an embarassing crush on this kid, and I’m that closet noona fangirl who definitely need a support group like this lol! I can watch your LMH winking gif for hours….

    Am slightly at a loss now cos I’ve ran out of LMH shows to watch. I just finished MLFAS and although I LOVE the brilliant Jeon Ji Hyun, I felt Kim Soo Hyun looks like a 12-yr old boy – in other words, he’s not LMH hahahah.

    Ditto what everyone said abt Kim Woo Bin in Heirs…amazing charisma!

    1. hjlyon says:

      HAHAHAHA! Don’t feel alone, I”m a pervy noona and completely admit it. I also am so far gone over LMH it’s insane. He’s my PC wallpaper, phone wallpaper, and I have a framed photo on my wall…. my husband is not happy LOL. Going to Korea in 2 months and I know where he lives, my daughter and I are stalking him for days! 😛

      Thanks for writing and I hope you enjoy the blog!!

    1. hjlyon says:

      I will be posting a photo album of my 3 week trip. We are hitting about 30 filming locations from dramas and movies, going to stalk about 12 idol restaurants/bars, visiting all the entertainment buildings, and hitting both coasts and the south for temples, homes, etc. Oh, and supposedly we’re going to get to meet B1A4!! Here’s hoping 🙂 Yeah, there will be like 300 pics available once I get back LOL.

  5. Isabella says:

    Hi Heidi unnie!

    I’m Isabella from CHOCOLABS, a mobile application developer and publisher in Taiwan that has produced chart-topping APPs.

    Believed you love k-drama (same here!) and its our mission to provide best drama watching experience anytime anywhere to all users. We will soon launch a totally revamped version of our current app DRAMOT+ (not sure if you’ve heard about our product before) and would like to enquire if it is possible to get your kind help to try it out and give us a review (if you’re interested, of course :D).

    We look forward to your kind response.


  6. stars4u says:

    Just discovered your blog and so happy to find out that you’re in Georgia! (Correct me if I’m wrong)
    I just moved to Georgia last summer and why is it that I don’t find people who are obsessed with Korean culture near me!!!! And I’m sooooooo happy that you’re a Bana too!

    1. hjlyon says:

      LOL yeah, we are here, believe it or not. In Atlanta, just north, there is a Ktown 🙂 And Eric Nam is coming in Ferbruary, tickets on sale tonight! He’s from here, sang in Atlanta’s Boy Choir with my son years ago 🙂

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