A Fractured America

This week I’ve watched as President Trump has methodically torn our inherit rights and founding beliefs into shreds. I’m not talking about just one or two executive orders, or memos, or even tweets, but rather the entirety of what he’s done since his inauguration both loudly and silently and their ramifications. All together it builds a picture that shows a presidency that will slowly become a dictatorship rather than the great rebuilding of a great America so many believed.

First, I will say I am a registered Democrat but only because I couldn’t vote in preliminaries. I am a true independent. I believe in both Democrat and Republican policies, I vote for who I think is the best and not down party lines, and I research those I will be voting for. I am an informed voter, I don’t take what is said by any politician as truth, but rather with a huge grain of salt and follow through with fact checking. I don’t normally post on my blog about political issues, especially not posts as large as this one will be, and I will apologize for any readers I might offend. This is my opinion based on facts as have been verified.

I was, like most non-Trump voters, amazed to see him elected as president. I am not a Hilary fan, I was a Bernie fan. But this, to me, truly was the lesser of two evils. Why I voted for Hilary was because regardless of her mistakes, of her lies, and what some perceive as illegal even if the FBI does not, she understood politics and international relations. My biggest fear with Trump is his inherent need to be the biggest and best in the room… what I call the 5-yr old mentality. He reminds me of my sons at 5 who always had to be the best, top the other kids stories, catch the biggest fish, be the most loved, etc. But watching the results on election night, I felt sick to my stomach. This man who has also lied, lost lawsuits, paid no taxes in years regardless of the millions/billions he’s earned… and had no political knowledge or finesse, was going to be our president. Terrified is an understatement.

As the weeks went by to his inauguration and his speeches full of inaccurate fact after inaccurate fact continued to fill my news feeds and TV screen, I could only shake my head. Not only was he the president but republicans now controlled all of government. And yes, I also hate when all government Is democrat because I believe it removes the benefit of the checks and balances it was designed to accomplish. But that said, I still had hope that those in all offices and career positions would be able to lead the president in the prudent directions and give him the knowledge he was lacking to be able to do no harm. I was wrong.

The president has a plan, though he’s not given us the details on how he intends to achieve all his goals, and with a rashness and ignorance of what each position, department, or appointment really does need, he started appointing inappropriate individuals and signing executive orders that have stunned the world and belittled what our founding fathers built America on.

So, to go list a few of the things he’s done that you are aware of, and some you might not be, here is a summary:

1. Within 5 hours of being sworn in as president, he sent in a memo to officially declare his candidate status for the 2020 election. You might not think this is important, however it a very underhanded political move. This is the first time in history any president has declared his next election candidacy this early. Most do so between a year and two years prior to the election. Why do I think it’s a political move? Because this, in effect, muzzles every 501(c)(3) non-profit from saying anything about the president, regardless of first amendment rights, or they face losing their tax-free status. So, all those non-profit environmental groups, green energy, planned parenthood, any non-profit that Trump disagrees with, can no longer publicly state they are against the president’s action because he is a candidate for the presidency in 2020.


2. His first executive orders included his act to appeal the Affordable Healthcare Act. While not surprising, it’s pretty common for new presidents to sign executive orders to appeal things previous presidents did that they don’t like. What is surprising is that they usually have a plan already set to replace, or at least a decent summary and outline of a plan. He not only has no plan but has placed the burden of the plan on others. What will this do? We will lose insurance benefits to those that can’t afford them or have no access to affordable insurance. We lose insurance for those with pre-existing conditions. We lost reproductive benefits for women, such as birth control. We lose them because these rules were built in to the “Obamacare” act.

In the actual wording of his executive order, it states:
“Sec. 2. To the maximum extent permitted by law, the Secretary of Health and Human Services (Secretary) and the heads of all other executive departments and agencies (agencies) with authorities and responsibilities under the Act shall exercise all authority and discretion available to them to waive, defer, grant exemptions from, or delay the implementation of any provision or requirement of the Act that would impose a fiscal burden on any State or a cost, fee, tax, penalty, or regulatory burden on individuals, families, healthcare providers, health insurers, patients, recipients of healthcare services, purchasers of health insurance, or makers of medical devices, products, or medications.”

What does all that “legal-speak” mean? It basically says that the heads of state and executive departments and agencies have the right to delay this repeal, or grant exemptions, to anyone that will suffer a financial burden to any individual, family, providers, etc. For families who are self-employed or working for companies that do not offer insurance, repealing this healthcare act will cause enormous burdens, but I don’t think they will pay attention to that.

More than 16 million people currently have insurance through this plan. Without it, we will return to families with no insurance using the ER for every illness, not being able to pay bills, their credit scores going down because of collections, and hospitals and insurance companies again raising prices to cover the losses incurred because of this. This is the reason given by every hospital and insurance company as to why insurance rates are 200x greater than 30 years ago, because so many do not carry insurance and create great losses fiscally every year. My own insurance just for myself and my husband is $500 a month with a $3,000 a year deductible. This is a financial burden for us, but at least we can still eat and pay for a home. Families with both parents working and making minimum wage or even $15 an hour would not be able to afford this with just one child.

So for those 16+ million currently insured who will suffer financial burdens when this act is repealed, what do we say to them? What about the Single mom who has finally found a job with benefits but has a child with pre-existing conditions and she can’t insure her for a year and ends up financially unable to treat her child because of costs?

3. Trump has quietly removed from every government agency or board site any informational pages or reports on Global Warming/Climate Change as well as silenced all agencies from saying anything (including the EPA and CDC) without the White House’s approval. He has plunged us into a world of censoring of scientific information because he doesn’t believe in it. Many people didn’t believe the world was round, or Darwin’s theory, and in some parts of the country their own history is rewritten to remove the more secular historical events. Does this make it untrue? No, it doesn’t. It doesn’t negate science and the valid arguments both for and against any scientific research. Instead it creates an era of ignorance and restriction, much like the China he loves to hate, but seems to emulate. Based on the past 10 days, I wouldn’t be surprised if he took a governmental control over what can be accessed via the internet also much like China has done and, to a greater extent, North Korea.

4. His appointments to office, pretty much down the line, have been absurd. His choice for Secretary of Education not only has no educational experience, but her and her children have never attended a public school. She is, however, a huge Republican party donor… $2.6 million in less than two years, $20 million in her family in total. She was instrumental in pushing forward an education plan in Michigan that has not only failed, but crashed and burned. She has failed her interview for appointment, but still Trump pushes her forward.

His other appointments aren’t faring much better, because they mostly aren’t suitable for the task. Even to the point of making his own son-in-law as a White House advisor. Kushner is a real estate developer, he has no previous experience in international trade negotiations or the Middle East, yes this is his task. I’m all for on-the-job training, but his father-in-law is tearing down trade agreements faster than I can blink without any type of financial plan to sustain the GDP with the loss of these trade taxes and fees. To clarify, The gross domestic product (GDP) is one of the primary indicators used to gauge the health of a country’s economy. It represents the total dollar value of all goods and services produced over a specific time period; you can think of it as the size of the economy. By limiting trade with countries, our GDP lowers because we will no longer be trading with companies that purchased these goods. This hurts not only our economy, but also hurts many businesses that rely heavily on international trade and sales as well as those that depend on imported goods from those countries for business.

These are just 2 of his appointments. I could certainly go on, but for the sake of some brevity, I will not.

5. Trump’s executive order to “Build the wall” and his immediate pissing off of the Mexican president. Not that the idea of the wall angered President Nieto, but the fact that Trump then tweeted that “If Mexico is not willing to pay for the wall, then they should cancel the trip.” And it was. What Trump seems to fail to realize, or his supporters of the wall, is that the US will pay for it first and get money back from Mexico to repay us for it, at least that’s his plan. Not only does this take money out of our pocket that could be earning money with no date in mind of repayment, but it’s also based on the plan to add 20% tax/tariff/fee to imports from Mexico to cover the costs. However this won’t be covered by Mexico, those costs are generally passed to the consumer or buyer by paying increased prices on the merchandise or produce imported. We, the American population, end up paying for that. Its just not a realistic way to make Mexico pay, nor is having Mexico pay for the wall realistic. And as a side note, the proposed wall location already has elaborate tunnels dug out (news crews have been inside them) to be able to circumvent this wall.

6. Last of the few things I will discuss, but certainly not least, is Trump’s executive order banning the entry of anyone coming in from 7 different countries. This order was not only rushed and ill-planned, but unconstitutional for many and flies directly in the face of what the US is all about. Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…. Unless you’re a religion we don’t like. Oh, wait, he’s not banning just Muslims (see video below to show where he actually SAYS that’s what he will do). Again, the reason so many left their country and came to America was for freedom of religion, specifically from persecution of religion. However, that’s what our president is currently doing.

People who are Trump supports laugh at me when I say, “Where will he go next? Buddhists? Hindu? Taoists?” While they laugh, I shake my head because never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined a president doing this, so why not more? Some say Obama did this as well, but that’s not quite true either. He increased vetting processes after 9/11 but never hindered those already vetted and with green cards or naturalization already in hand. This is VERY different from what our president has done. He has stopped and held people for hours and hours that have green cards, that have families and children born in the US, that are doctors with practices and patients, those suffering death threats because they aided US troops for 10 years, 90+ yr old elders in wheelchairs coming home who are obviously no threat or terrorist.

Others are saying that his choosing the 7 countries he did was because they were identified by Obama’s administration in 2015, and they were. There were modified visa requirements put in place, stronger vetting processes put in place. There was no valid reason to increase those as there has been no proof that since these measures were put into place that a single terrorist has made it to US soil from one of these 7 countries. The terrorists in 2001 were from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and UAE, but these three countries weren’t added to the ban. Why? Obama’s administration took a lot of heat and questions when, in 2015, he didn’t add them to his list of “countries of concern” and it would have made sense for Trump to add them. Could it be that he has major business dealings in all three of these countries? Just a thought, because had he truly wanted to halt all terrorism in it’s tracks from entering our country, wouldn’t you target the three countries KNOWN to have brought terrorists over rather than just identified as possible threats?

So this was just a few of the things the new president has done, and there are so many more I could go on about but I’ll leave it to you to search and see. And for those that will dispute the facts as I have mentioned them, watch the video below and see where he has actually stated everything I’ve said, review the actual text of all the executive orders, see the proof of how he has flip flopped his views on most of his major running points, and try to understand they are actually passing off lies as “alternate truths” to the public.

In the end, whether you think Trump is doing great things or not, he has gone about it in a very wrong way. He has torn apart relationships with ourselves as well as other countries, those that are would be allies, and is building discontent to a level we’ve never seen in the US between minorities, women, and men. He’s promoting religious discrimination in the country that was founded on the belief of religious freedom. He’s removing us from trade agreements and international groups that have worked together for years for the benefit of our world, not just America. He has brutally and swiftly fractured America and this break is not one that will be quickly repaired, if ever. This isn’t making America great again, this is a systematical destruction of what America was and should be.

One thought on “A Fractured America

  1. Roberta Sanchez says:

    lol, these next few years are going to be agonizing. I hope Americans can get past it. I am a registered democrat, but I think Bernie Sanders would have been a better choice too. Hind sight. What I don’t get though is why people didn’t look a the character of the man. So many of our vikian friends were in shock, not to mention we Americans who are well read, think and make decisions based on facts. Well, we Americans will survive and get past this too.

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