Happy New Year with Goblin!

One of my favorite dramas this year is a winter drama, Goblin: The Lonely and Great God.  It isn’t just because of Gong Yoo or Lee Dong Wook, reasons to watch for sure, but because the plot sounded different and amazing and sci-fi and I was all in.

I said I would start doing reviews again, and personal life kept me from that, but I’m working back into it.  SO to start the new year right, I’m giving a “Half-way” review of Goblin.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed based on my statement earlier, I absolutely adore this drama.  The acting, as expected, has been above par for every character.  The effects, the cinematography, the writing, directing, outfits, OST/Music, all of it has been just 9s and 10s in my book.  I’d love to give serious details on every episode, but time doesn’t allow for this, a quick rundown will have to do.

DRAMA: Goblin: The Lonely & Great God

PLOT: The storyline, and it’s writing, are fantastic.  It’s original and well-paced.  I’ve not really seen a dry episode yet, though most dramas don’t usually drag till near the end.  I have high hopes this won’t be one of those.  There are twists and turns that were unexpected, beautifully emotional scenes with character development and growth, and even amazingly gut-wrenching scenes with little or no words spoken at all.  You can’t ask for more than that.

ACTING:  With a cast of well-seasoned actors, all known for being great, you have expectations… and, so far, Goblin has exceeded all of mine.  As a standout, Lee Dong Wook has amazed me a couple of times with his acting.  There are a few scenes where he physically makes me hurt with his tears.  Others were you just see a lonely puppy, and then a tempestuous boy.  Gong Yoo, Kim Go Eun, Yoo In Na, Sungjae, and the rest of the cast are all killing it.

OST: This OST has some amazingly haunting and beautiful songs.  They aren’t all the standard OST songs and have great chord change-ups that make these songs resonate with you for quite some time.  You’ll want to purchase quite a few, if not the complete OST, after hearing them.

OPINION:  The comedy and the sci-fi elements to this drama are outstanding, but don’t forget this is a drama and has to have some of that as well.  And it’s good, so very very good.  I am really looking forward to the ending because I have no idea how it’s going to end.  I sincerely hope this is not a sad ending because I’ll be devastated.  I tend to avoid dramas that have sad endings, I have enough sadness in my life and they just make me feel horrible for days.  Possible sad ending aside, I wouldn’t have missed this drama for the world.  It’s rare when you find sci-fi in Kdramas and the fact that more and more are coming out and are well loved in ratings as well as internationally makes me giggle with glee.  It’s this trend that I sincerely hope Kdramaland continues to follow.

As a new thing, though not totally, I’m going to try and end each review with videos of each drama I review.  These will be something I find funny or super romantic, beautiful, or a combo of several!  Here is my video from Goblin that I feel totally sums up the 2 demi-god characters in a nutshell and have a Happy New Year!!!

You can watch this drama with full English subs at DramaFever.

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