It’s time for BANA to rise


For five years, the boys of B1A4 have given us fantastic music, love, and support.  BANA have been there to support them and love them right back.  Now… now it’s time to do more.  On the weekend before Jinyoung’s new blockbuster drama role, I want to begin the “rally of forces” to help B1A4 in their next comeback.

Why now, you ask?  Because it has to begin now.  It can’t be just during comeback, it has to be a full-blown effort by every BANA to show them the love and support we have for them. Support for them has decreased the last couple of comebacks.  It is expected as they get older and comebacks are farther apart, it’s natural… but that doesn’t mean we have to accept it.  It means we fight, and we fight hard, to show them no matter what, we will stand behind them for the next 10 years and beyond.


In my previous blog post, I mentioned why I would patiently wait for a comeback.  Waiting, however, doesn’t mean I am doing nothing!  I watch youtube videos, I tweet about them with the proper hashtags, retweet media sources about them, BIU does charity projects with press releases about them, we visit the media channels and like and share videos, watch Vapp videos over and over again to boost them in the ranks, etc.  We don’t do this just to get them higher in the list, but because by being higher on the list, new BANA might find them prior to comeback and financial benefits to WM.  This can all translate into a better comeback and investment by WM for B1A4.

BIU has been actively recruiting new and inactive BANA for more than a year and finding ways for international fans to support them during and after comeback.  We’ve made them aware of the voice we have, now we need to show them what we can do.  It’s harder for us to show them the support they deserve, but it can be done.  And with the number of international BANA we see (tens of thousands), we could really make a difference.

Many BANA, and even the boys have said that it’s not about the wins, it’s about the music.  This is very true, but winning isn’t just a popularity contest.  It’s proof that their BANA are willing to fight for them, to spend their time and money on them, that they matter that much to us.  Because they DO matter that much to us.  And in the coming days, BIU’s website will have a newly updated support page with easier tutorials on how to support them prior to comeback, and what we can all do to show them our love.  During comeback, this page will also contain new and updated tutorials for voting and show support.  All of the members of B1A4 have mentioned their joy at winning, their love at the showing of support, and they retweet when they rank in Naver or Twitter.  These things do matter to them.

Being a fan, loving their music, it’s what BANA do.  But we can do more, we can give them more.  Our time is the biggest thing we can give them.  The time spent learning how to vote and voting, the time watching youtube videos over and over, or streaming their songs, time spent watching Vapp videos or KBS/SBS/Mnet videos.  Even the time we take to tweet about them during individual activities to get them ranked in Naver searches.  There are always ways with money, but it’s not the only way.  Time is just as precious for them.

The chart above shows the trend, but we want to change this.  We want their next comeback to be stronger than the last, and then the next.  Let’s make that happen, all of us, in every country, not just the international fans.  We can start now, slowly build up their popularity even before comeback, support them all in their Dramas, Variety show appearances, whatever it is, and let them know we are ready to fight for them.  That not only will we still be here 10 years later, but fighting the entire way.

2 thoughts on “It’s time for BANA to rise

  1. LUZ/ELEN says:

    If BANA work together we can change the thing for B1A4.Each granite sum and if we join you can get great results. Fighting BANA!!!

  2. bana_mai says:

    I agree to this very much! support doesn’t start with a comeback but should be done continiously! keeping the public eye interested in b1a4 will give them a strong boost for their comeback and therefore their sales~ after I joined BIU I am definitely more ‘constantly’ interested in B1A4 and don’t just look them up casualy so being exposed to a certain content or seeing the content will actually work like an ‘ad’ for B1A4! This means using hashtags will remind people about the group so they get curious about their activity~

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