Oh My Girl – Windy Day Review


Being a BANA, and a dedicated WM stan as well, I’ve supported OMG since debut… even got to go to their showcase in Seoul pre-debut.  I’ve loved their albums, find their choreography, concepts, and styling unique and loveable.  Up until yesterday, I believed their best song was probably Cupid.  However, Windy Day (title song of repackaged album released May 26, 2016) has quickly become my favorite by them!


The song starts off quiet, dreamy, and fitting the video which is very spring/summer like.  The cinematography is great in the video, and the concept dreamy again.  I wonder if the same producer as Closer was involved, it has a similar feel.  The the song breaks into the build up and shows a bit of the choreography, and has a great beat… but the best, by far, is the main chorus break.  In what can only be called a bollywood inspired music break, you can hear what seems to be a Sitar in the background driving the melody and beat.  It’s fantastic, unique in Kpop, and a wonderful surprise addition to the song.  You wouldn’t think it would flow or fit, but somehow it actually manages to tie it all together.


Another prop I have to give is that WM made a choice to not include a rap for Mimi in this song.  Mimi is my bias, so while I miss her part and seeing her more, it was the right choice for this song.  So many songs feel like the have a forced break into the song for raps, it doesn’t flow, and actually tends to chop the song.  I hate that, and really applaud WM for deciding to not do that.

The vocals can’t be beat.  The harmony is truly tops and only, once again, shows how much talent these girls have.  So, without boring you much more, watch/listen to Windy Day yourself and comment below, tell me what YOU think!

FYI, though the choreography isn’t shown much in the video, I’ve also included their comeback stage from MCountdown today to show the song’s choreography.  It is great!  Some original moves, not a simple dance.  I think their producer, composer, stylist, and choreographer deserve a raise after this one release!!



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